Escarpment Caves and Island Tour

Sail around Flowerpot Island with up-close viewing of the Lighthouse Station and the famous Flowerpot rock formations and a refreshing coastal exploration along the Niagara Escarpment coastline to Cave Point, Indian Head Cove, and the Grotto.

Flowerpot Island

The tour then zips back up to view Flowerpot Island. This Island is part of Fathom Five National Marine Park and is famous for the two rock pillars or sea stacks called the "Flowerpots" on its eastern shoreline. The Flowerpots are a type of sea stack, formed over many years as wind, rain, waves, and ice hammered away at the cliff that once stood alongside the water’s edge.

Niagara Escarpment

On this tour - after we leave Tobermory - the boat will cruise along the Niagara Escarpment in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. The Niagara Escarpment stretches almost 900 km from the Niagara River to Tobermory and Manitoulin Island. It rises up in places more than half a kilometer above sea level.

The "Grotto"

Our first destination on this tour is the "Grotto" A shoreline sea cave with beautiful blue waters, the Grotto is a unique natural wonder and memorable place to experience. The view from the bay is wonderful!


Cave Point

The tour takes you to the famous sea cave called Cave Point just past the Grotto! Shaped by the wave action of post-glacial Lake Algonquin, the caverns of the escarpment along the Georgian Bay shoreline are a spectacle to behold.